January 25, 2006

Dear Fellow Vines to Wines Vintners,

I have acquired a limited amount of two very special wines, which I’m offering to you, my fellow vintners who made wine here at Vines To Wines during our first year of business.

The first wine is called Grillo. It’s a delightful white wine from Sicily. The second wine is call Nebbiolo d’Alba. This is a big, bold, robust, expensive red wine from northern Italy. And by expensive I mean that the cheapest one Ingersoll Wine and Spirits has if $50.00 per bottle. (See below for a full description of both wines). Supplies are limited as we will be making only 48 bottles of each of these wines, and in all probability will not be able to get any additional.

The first wine is:
AGRIGENTO SICILIAN GRILLO (Ah-gri-jen-toe Greel-loe)
$9.95 per bottle

Sicily is a growing region steeped in history and tradition and has always played a huge role in agriculture and winemaking in the Mediterranean. Sambuca di Sicilia in the northwest of Agrigento province is blessed with a typical Sicilian climate – long, hot summers, plenty of sunshine, and mild winters with enough rainfall to keep the vines strong. For thirty centuries this wonderful climate has allowed Sicily to make wines of distinction and elegance. Grillo (the favorite wine of Julius Caesar) also makes the famous Sicilian dessert wine Marsala. Agrigento Sicilian Grillo is golden in color, transparent but bright. Attractive aromas of citrus and lemon-lime with a gentle whiff of wildflowers are accented with notes of honey and almond. The flavor is as elegant as the aroma, crisp and pleasantly zesty, joining snappy citrus and delicate almond in a long finish. Grillo goes well with any seafood and is outstanding with Prawns in Lemon Butter Sauce.

The second wine is:
$9.95 per bottle

Situated in the northwest corner of Italy, distinctive chalky soils show the best growing areas on the hillsides running down from the Alps where the climate produces enough Summer heat to ripen Italy’s most famous grape, Nebbiolo. Nebbiolo is a late ripener that ages brilliantly, producing wine of excellent acidity, high tannins, and rare subtlety, perfumed with aromas of rose, mint, chocolate, and licorice. Nebbiolo d’Alba has a rich mouth-feel and spicy fruit flavors such as cherries, violets, and black licorice that deliver the true character of the grape, finishing with rich, chewy, deep, and long-lasting flavor. Nebbiolo is perfect with lamb, grilled steak, and rib-sticking stews as well as dry, aged cheeses that may be too strong or distinctive for other wines.

We will have our standard 6 bottles minimum order, so get your orders in quickly. We will be starting these batches around the 1st of May, 2006.

This should be a lot of fun!!!

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