March 3, 2006

Hello Everyone,

Our next “Open Wine Making” session will be held on Saturday, April 1st. We’ll be making Summer wines: Exotic Fruit White Zinfandel, Apricot/Peach Chardonnay, Black Raspberry/Merlot, and Symphony, a delicious slightly sweet white wine. The first three are low alcohol, fruity wines, and all of them, served chilled, are ideal for warm Summer nights. By starting them now they’ll be ready when Summer arrives.. This will be an afternoon event, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Please RSVP so that I can confirm your reservation. By the way, we’ll be sampling all four of these when you’re here.

I would also like to clarify what we’re trying to achieve with these monthly “Open Wine Making” sessions. These are mainly for people who have already been to the initial Vines To Wines wine tasting, and who already know what Vines To Wines is all about. All of you came over with a group. You can bring your group again if you want, or if there’s just a few of you in your group who would like to make these wines, then just you come. Our “Open Wine Making” monthly event is an attempt to make things easier for you. Every month we’ll be featuring several wines, and if you would like to make some of these wines, just contact me so that I can reserve a spot for you.

You can still make arrangements to bring over a group on “Non Open Wine Making“ nights, or if you want to make a particular wine that’s not being featured, just let me know and maybe we can schedule it in one of the up coming months.

Think Spring, and plan for Summer. April 1st is Summer wine making day.

Hope to see you here.


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