Enjoy a Relaxing Wine-Making Session With Your Loved Ones

Three Ways To Attend

There are three scenarios for making wine at Vines To Wines DM:

Firstly, come to one of our scheduled wine-making sessions. These are usually on Tuesday or Thursday evenings, and we’ll be making one type of wine: One night a Pinot Noir, another night Chardonnay, etc.

For $45, you’ll make a batch of wine with the other attendees, come back two months later to bottle your wine, and then take home three bottles of that batch to age and enjoy. Go to our “Upcoming Events” page to see what’s on our schedule.

Secondly, get some friends to make a batch with you. You’ll be making and splitting a batch of wine (28 bottles), “(Total cost includes tax: 28bottles X $15 = $420)” This is a great night out with wine and friends. It’s fun. It’s educational.

Get something to eat with your friends after your one-hour wine-making session, and you’ll have an evening to remember.

Thirdly, come by yourself and make a batch (28 bottles) of wine. You can make your wine for less than you pay for equivalent wine in the stores!


2-Step Process

Making wine has never been so easy! It’s simple when you make your wines in our cellar, with our equipment, our supplies, and under our guidance. Here’s our two-step process:
Step 1. Get a group of your wine friends and come over for a wine tasting. We’ll sample some wines, and then you and your friends will pick which wine(s) you’d like to make. Then we’ll get your batch started.

Basically, you’ll be learning how to make wine at home without having to buy all the equipment or make all the mess. You’ll learn a lot about wine in the process.

Step 2. Come back approximately two months later to bottle, cork, and label your very own wine. Some of the fruity wines are ready to drink right away, but for most of them, you’ll have to wait for another three to five months. As a winemaker, you have to learn patience.

It’s a lot of fun. This is the perfect place to bring your wine club members and friends. It’s the place for your ‘Girls’ Night Out’ event.

So please contact us to set up your appointment for a wine tasting. We look forward to meeting with you and, hopefully, some of your friends, as we all will learn more about wine and experience the joy of wine-making.

Vines to Wines is where you and your friends will have a great time making fine wines!